Christina Aguilera's 'Not Myself Tonight' Moves Inspired By 'Burlesque'

'Dancing always came sort of secondary to me,' she says of her career before the Cher-starring movie.

Over the years, Christina Aguilera has established herself as the pop singer with the big voice. While some of her contemporaries hit the stage and made music videos displaying their prowess on the dance floor, Aguilera relied primarily on her impressive vocal range. But in the new video for her single "Not Myself Tonight," she wanted to experiment a little.

"There is dancing, and I learned so much also as a dancer doing the 'Burlesque' film, moving my body in ways that were, I feel, never as precise before," she told MTV News about working dance moves from the Cher-starring movie into the Hype Williams-directed video. "Dancing always came sort of secondary to me. Vocals were my first love and where my heart really was."

The singer, who is set to release her album Bionic on June 8, said she now has a whole new appreciation for grooving on the dance floor. "I never was as passionate about dancing, per se," Aguilera said. "But after 'Burlesque,' I really fell in love and I adapted that in the dancing for 'Not Myself Tonight,' but it was really, really fun to take what I learned from the movie."

Her upcoming film wasn't Aguilera's only source of inspiration for the video, though; the pop star also looked closer to home. "A lot of that [video] was based on my visual inspiration," she explained. "I took Hype into my salon area in my home ... it's like my creative den. He took the ideas and then took other ideas and related to the ideas, and it just was really iconic imagery."

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