Miley Cyrus Says She's Being Herself In 'Can't Be Tamed' Video

'What you see in me is the same since I was 11-years-old on 'Hannah Montana,' ' she explains.

[artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus'[/artist] latest music video, "Can't Be Tamed," shows the Disney star leaving her Hannah Montana wig and image in the dust in favor of wings, skin-hugging outfits and sexy dance moves. As she dances in her exotic-bird getup, Cyrus continues to show that while she may not be a woman just yet, she's not a girl anymore either.

"I think it definitely shows a change of what people remember me as, but it's not trying to not be me," Cyrus told MTV News about the first video off her new album, Can't Be Tamed, due out in June. "I didn't want to be just a character. I wanted to be myself and just in a bird-like form in the way I dressed."

And while Cyrus is trying to appear more mature in the darker-themed video, directed by Robert Hales, she isn't planning on becoming unrecognizable to her original fans. "I think that's why the video is so unique," she offered. "The lighting is different, the outfit may be different, but what you see in me is the same since I was 11-years-old on 'Hannah Montana.' "

Miley thinks that fans will look at the clip and say, "There's the smile we know her for. ... These are things that she does."

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