J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8' Has Nothing To Do With 'Cloverfield'

'Star Trek' director will helm the film with Steven Spielberg producing, according to reports.

The return of Robert Downey Jr. into the role of Tony Stark is one reason for fans to be excited about [movie id="390378"]"Iron Man 2,"[/movie] but here's another: Accompanying the film is the trailer for "Super 8," a secretive new project from [movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie] director J.J. Abrams. Initial reports have linked "Super 8" to [movie id="362118"]"Cloverfield,"[/movie] the Abrams-produced 2008 monster movie characterized by its mysterious marketing campaign. But according to the filmmaker himself, the two movies are completely unrelated.

"You have to check out [the trailer] ... but it has nothing whatsoever to do with 'Cloverfield,'" Abrams told New York magazine's Vulture blog, the same source that initially reported on the "Cloverfield" connection. "I won't be able to tell you [what the movie is about] until it's done."

But Abrams' fans don't have to wait until "Iron Man 2" hits theaters to find out what happens in the "Super 8" trailer. A detailed breakdown of the trailer's events was posted today on SlashFilm, revealing one particularly fascinating detail unrelated to the plot: According to the website's source, "Super 8" is actually the hotly anticipated collaboration between Abrams and Steven Spielberg that was first mentioned last week. Abrams will reportedly direct the movie while Spielberg will produce through Amblin Entertainment.

How this source was able to learn these details about "Super 8" is anyone's guess, considering its top-secret nature. Abrams confirmed rumors that the trailer was sent to movie theaters in canisters requiring special codes to open. "That is correct," he told Vulture, adding that he's "working on" other inventive ways to keep further news of his project from leaking online.

"[Though] I don't know if it would matter with you guys," he laughingly admitted of any new security measures. "I don't think it matters."

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