Lady Gaga's Unedited 'American Idol' Performance Of 'Alejandro' Hits The Net

'Idol cut down my performance -- see the full-length performance here little monsters!' Gaga tweeted.

On Wednesday night's "American Idol" results show, [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] took to the stage to perform her latest single, "Alejandro." And if you thought the version that aired was hot ... well, you should've seen the one the didn't.

Actually, we're exaggerating a bit. See, hours after "Idol" aired, Gaga tweeted a link to the "full-length" version of "Alejandro" (the link she posted no longer works, but you've got to give her points for trying), which clocked in at six and a half minutes, more than 90 seconds longer than the performance viewers saw on Wednesday night. She tweeted, "Idol cut down my performance--see the full-length performance here little monsters!" LG had actually taped her appearance last week, after Siobhan Magnus was eliminated from the competition, which gave "Idol" editors plenty of time to snip away.

But what scintillating, too-hot-for-TV content did they decide to ax? Why, an extended, ballad-y version of her hit "Bad Romance," which ran about 1:15 in total length, and a few stray shots of Gaga's posterior (usually cutting to a shot of her winsome violin player for coverage). Oh, and it appears editors also blurred out her left breast when she sprawled across the front of the stage during the "Alejandro" chorus.

Scandalous, we know. And while the link Gaga posted is kaput, the "full-length" version of "Alejandro" quickly made its way around the Internet and can currently be seen over on Perez Hilton's site, where the blogger writes that "Idol" producers made the cuts due to "time constraints."

MTV News' request for comment from "American Idol" had not been answered by press time.

Gaga herself didn't actually address the edits, but earlier, she wrote on her Twitter that she dedicated the "Idol" performance to her fans, saying, "Tune in Little Monsters, Paws up! I dedicate this performance to you. You make me strong."

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