'American Idol' Experts Predict Casey James' Ride Is Over

A tepid 'Blue Skies' and harsh words from the judges may have done him in.

Casey James has had a nice run on "American Idol." But when it's down to only five contestants, it's time to prove you're a superstar, and according to MTV News' "Idol" brain trust, the Texas native just didn't do that on Tuesday.

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"Without a guitar to protect him on Sinatra night, Casey James was awkward, uncomfortable and painful to watch and listen to," said MTV's "Idol in 60 Seconds" host Jim Cantiello, faulting James for not being able to deliver on the advice of guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. "His 'Blue Skies' earned him some of the worst reviews of his 'Idol' career. Even Kara DioGuardi, Casey's biggest fan, compared his vibrato to a lamb's bleating."

Of course, sometimes when the judges get that mean, the contestant can survive by pity votes. But Cantiello thinks it's too late in the season and stakes are too high for that. "Casey's borrowed time is about to end," Cantiello said. "Unless his irresistible sassy mother is able to rally the entire state of Texas to vote like mad."

In a rare show of unity, our other expert, MJ Santilli, founder of the "Idol" blog MJsBigBlog.com, agreed that James is probably toast. "He's been in the bottom three two weeks in a row — that's never a good sign," said Santilli. "He's probably splitting votes with Lee Dewyze — whom the judges loved. So, all those votes likely went to Lee."

Vote-splitting aside, Santilli said James was done in by one even more crucial factor. "His performance was a train wreck," she said simply. "Easily his personal worst, and perhaps one of the worst performances of the season." She also agreed that even the pity votes James might get from supporters who thought Kara's sheep comparison was rude won't be enough to save him.

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