Ryan Leslie Talks Chris Brown Charity Concert, New Keri Hilson Music

Producer says Keri's 'Working on Loving You' is 'very reminiscent of Aaliyah.'

Ryan Leslie is still a ways away from recording his next album, but he's working diligently nonetheless. Leslie is part of an all-star lineup that is taking the stage for Chris Brown's charity concert Virginia Stand Up! A Call to Action on May 15 in Richmond, Virginia.

Besides Leslie and Brown, Keri Hilson, Mario, Tank, Juelz Santana and T-Pain are also on the bill. Brown's concert will help the American Red Cross Greater Richmond Chapter and their Haiti relief efforts as well as the Central Virginia Food Bank.

"I'm really excited about it. I worked with Chris on [a song for] his latest album, 'Famous Girl,' " Leslie said last week in New York. "I just came from L.A. working with Keri. I've really gotten comfortable with the idea that I'm not just a producer to these artists, I'm also a peer as well. To be able to get onstage and share the stage with them and have them respect what I have to contribute as an artist has really been encouraging as I continue to pursue my artist thing."

Leslie is still continuing his producer thing as well. He recently laced Hilson with a track in Los Angeles.

"One of my favorite productions while I was out there is a Keri record, but it's very reminiscent of Aaliyah," Leslie revealed. "I remember making the record and her saying, 'Man, [Timbaland] is gonna love this' — we hadn't played it for him yet — and saying, 'It's gonna remind him of baby girl.' I think I'm spreading my wings. A lot of people are expecting a club record from me, which I love doing those. But to be able to roll up my sleeves and get some instrumentalists in — my boy Eric Combs, who played all over [Dr. Dre's] Detox album on the bass, my boy Brent Paschke from Spymob — got all that creative energy in the studio and built a beautiful ballad for Keri called 'Working on Loving You.' Which is really amazing, something that moved me in the studio."

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