Lady Antebellum 'Honored' To Perform On 'American Idol'

'I tried out for the show twice and didn't make it past the first round,' frontwoman Hillary Scott recalls.

It's Shania Twain Week on "American Idol," and Nashville's latest crossover sensations, Lady Antebellum, are bringing their hit "Need You Now" to the "Idol" stage on Wednesday night (April 27).

Frontwoman Hillary Scott said being featured on the #1 show in the country, in a performance that was recorded earlier this month, had a special meaning for her.

"I tried out for the show twice and didn't make it past the first round," she told MTV News. "So that is what you call validation."

All jokes aside, Scott said being up on that stage felt pretty good. "It was amazing [after] watching it on television so many times, and then you get there, and the room is not as big as you think it's going to be, but it's just beautiful. We had a live audience, and it was fun. We were just honored to be there."

Scott recently 'fessed up to loving Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean they're prepared for his level of pop-music success.

"You just never know when you write a song and you go into the studio and record it what it's gonna do. And honestly, ['Need You Now'] took on a new life when we went into the studio," she said. "Whenever we heard that this song was getting picked up and played on pop radio, we were completely shocked but excited, because that just means more people are hearing it. We want to headline tours very soon, so the more people that hear it, the better. It's bringing light to the country-music genre, which we are so proud of."

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