Lindsay Lohan 'Not Bankable,' 'Other Side' Director Says

David Michaels explains reasons for firing Lohan from film.

At this point in her career, Lindsay Lohan might have enough star power to land a small film role — as with her upcoming turn in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" — but it seems some in Hollywood have gotten cold feet about hiring the actress.

After firing her from "The Other Side" over the weekend, writer/director David Michaels explained the decision by saying Lohan is "not bankable."

"The producers of the movie have reported that financiers have been resistant to finance the movie with Lindsay in the lead role," he told E! News.

At press time, a rep for Lohan had not responded to MTV News' request for comment.

Michaels maintained that the film itself is still on track with the rest of its cast intact, including Woody Harrelson and Giovanni Ribisi.

"There have been several inaccurate articles which have reported that the entire cast has left the movie, and this is entirely untrue," Michaels said. "In fact, since this announcement, major talent agencies have been calling incessantly to get their clients into the movie. ... We will announce replacement soon as well as the addition of other formidable actors."

Lohan's firing was first reported by TMZ and caps a tumultuous month in the actress' life. Last week her father, Michael, and Los Angeles County deputies arrived at Lindsay's home to check on her welfare. The next day, word broke that Lohan had been questioned by police in connection with a friend's missing $35,000 Rolex watch. A new week brought more controversy, as Lindsay's mother, Dina, announced that she and her children will be filing for restraining orders against Michael.