'Hills' Buzz Moment #3: Lauren Conrad Chooses Her Man Over Paris

LC turns down Teen Vogue's overseas internship to spend the summer with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

The old saying goes that before you find your prince, you have to kiss a few frogs. In Lauren Conrad's case, one of the bigger frogs happened to be former "Laguna Beach" co-star Jason Wahler. By the time Jason made the transition to "The Hills," the pair were already experiencing their share of problems. Still, she decided to get serious and give Jason one more chance as summer approached and the series' first season drew to a close.

Although she probably knew that Jason wasn't right for her, LC couldn't resist giving the troubled relationship another go. "It's like there's this guy who I really like, and he's done something really terrible to me," she said to Jason. "But I still like him."

Even friend/roommate Heidi Montag could see there might be trouble ahead. Heidi warned her then-bestie, "Just be careful with Jason." LC was determined to make it work: "I got my guard up this time. It's fine."

But in spite of all the fighting, including a major blowup on New Year's Eve, Lauren held on to Jason through the bad times — and the good. And it may have been those good times that prompted Lauren to make one potentially life-changing decision.

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"Today, Lisa Love offered me an internship for the whole summer [in Paris]," LC told her beau of her Teen Vogue boss' jaw-dropping offer.

Lauren decided to stay with Jason, which only proved to be another source of tension in their doomed relationship. ("I don't want you out of my life, but I can't be normal with you," she later told him.) It was also a mistake in her career. As Lisa Love put it: "Lauren didn't go to Paris. She's going to always be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris."

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