'Glee' Creator Is 'Entertaining' Idea Of Britney Spears-Themed Episode

After Lady Gaga and Madonna eps, Ryan Murphy says he's interested in another pop diva.

With "Glee" already paying homage to pop stars like Lady Gaga and Madonna, it seems like a natural fit for them to complete the blond pop-star trifecta with an episode dedicated to the one and only [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] next season.

Last week, Spears' manager, Adam Leber, suggested the idea via Twitter, and now show creator Ryan Murphy has admitted that he's thinking about doing an episode entirely dedicated to the pop princess. "I'm interested in the Britney Spears idea. I've always loved her," he told EW.com. "I'm entertaining it. I think young kids would like that."

In the meantime, Murphy has a slightly more controversial blonde in mind for a musical homage on the hit Fox show. "I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to he," he said. "She's interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day."

Not to leave the male icons out of the equation, Murphy said he's also considering episodes dedicated to Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin. "The key is the songs in the catalog have to have a certain degree of theatricality," he explained.

The Gaga episode is set to air later this season, and Madonna has shared how much she loved the "Power of Madonna" episode that aired two weeks ago. Murphy has said the show is considering a second episode devoted to the Material Girl's songs. "[Madonna's] a smart cookie. I mean, that introduced her music to an entire new generation."

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