Green Day Joined By Paul Rudd, Zachary Quinto At 'American Idiot' Premiere

'I don't think there's ever been a bigger high in the 21 years' of the band, Billie Joe Armstrong says of Broadway debut.

NEW YORK — On Tuesday night in New York, the Great White Way got a little bit more punk rock when Green Day officially opened their Broadway opus, "American Idiot." The band was joined by the show's cast, as well as a number of celebrity fans like Donald Trump, Zachary Quinto and Paul Rudd to celebrate the show's debut at the St. James Theatre.

Admittedly, having a Broadway show might be the least punk rock thing in the universe, but Green Day couldn't have been prouder to see all their hard work hit that stage and rock up midtown Manhattan. "I don't think there's ever been a bigger high in the 21 years that we've been a band together," Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV News on the red carpet before the curtain rose on the show.

Armstrong was equally taken by the fact that the band, and those involved with the show, were able to take an album like American Idiot and make it something that people could see in Broadway musical form. "You make this crazy record that's political and it's a rock opera and it has [been] brought to flesh and blood," he said.

"People actually acting it out onstage in pretty much the linear exact way you thought it was going to come out. It's amazing."

The guys recently admitted that they were so moved by the adaptation that it made them cry. "All of us actually came to tears, because you don't get to see Green Day play live if you're actually in Green Day," bassist Mike Dirnt said. "But to see these voices and the way all the cast were singing, you just abandon hope of a tissue and let 'em stream. ... [We were like,] 'No, that's allergies, man!' "