Aziz Ansari Watching 'Twilight,' Stalking Daniel Radcliffe To Prep For Movie Awards

'I have a great opportunity to do some really funny stuff, and I'm going to make the most out of it,' comedian says of hosting gig.

It's official. Aziz Ansari is set to host the 19th annual MTV Movie Awards on June 6, and it sounds like the guy is already hard at work. He's furiously watching flicks as if he's in some sort of insane "Clockwork Orange"-style experiment.

He's planning movie parodies to rival those of years past, like Andy Samberg's "Twilight" and "Star Trek" spoofs in 2009. And he's making sure someone will be at the ready to blur out any nudity, should the show get truly crazy.

In short, Ansari has got some wicked stuff in mind for the 2010 Movie Awards, and he gave MTV News a call to discuss those plans, pay tribute to his predecessors and reveal who will be on his arm as he walks the red carpet.

MTV: Congratulations, Aziz! How's it feel to be joining the long line of comedians who've hosted the Movie Awards?

Aziz Ansari: The people that host these shows for you guys, obviously I'm a huge fan — everyone from Ben Stiller to Sarah Silverman to Andy Samberg. I'm very flattered to be among such good company. I'm just so excited. I have a movie coming out this summer called "Sex and the City 2." I play Samantha. This is a huge opportunity for me to get the word out. There was a lot of nervousness about, "Well, is Aziz going to do as good a job as Kim Cattrall?" Well, would Kim Cattrall get the job of hosting the MTV Movie Awards?

Probably not. So I think there's a win there. And you know, I was just stunned that all the people from "Twilight" weren't available and that they were able to come to me.

MTV: Now that you're back in the MTV family after "Human Giant," which of the "Jersey Shore" girls are you going to take as your date?

Ansari: I actually think I'm going to go with Jennifer Aniston. It's not Jennifer Aniston, it's the girl that was on "I Want a Famous Face." I mean, they did a really good job. She looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston. It's basically like I'm going with Jennifer Aniston.

MTV: What does one do to prepare to host the MTV Movie Awards?

Ansari: I've watched "Twilight" a bunch. I've watched "Avatar" 400 times. I have hit movies playing on Blu-ray at all times. I've been stalking Daniel Radcliffe. Whatever I can do to get the movies in my head. No, really, I've just been doing a lot of writing. I want to make sure all the short films I do really meet the high bar that's been set by all the other hosts. I thought all the stuff Andy did last year was awesome, and I just want to do my own version.

MTV: Any movies that are ripe for parody this year?

Ansari: I'm just going to parody "An Education." I hope that'll appeal to the audience. That's a big movie with the MTV audience, right? Also this French movie called "A Prophet." I hope that works out. And the whole opening video is going to be a parody of that new Banksy documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

MTV: Last year, the moment everyone was talking about was when Brüno landed on Eminem's head. How do you top that this year?

Ansari: That was such an outrageous moment, and I think that's what's cool about the MTV Movie Awards. There is a kind of thing where anything can happen, anyone can decide to go crazy all of sudden. Who knows, maybe Trey Songz will whip his d--- out. We don't know. I'm not ruling that out. This is live. We better have someone ready to blur out Trey Songz's penis if he pulls it out.

MTV: Have you called anyone for advice?

Ansari: I'm friends with some of the other comedians that have done the show, and I spoke with them a bit. I'm excited, because I think it's a cool opportunity for me to do what I do for a big audience like that. I really feel like I have a great opportunity to do some really funny stuff, and I'm going to make the most out of it.

Mark your calendars: The 2010

MTV Movie Awards air live Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET. Be there!

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