Lil Wayne Gives Tity Boi A Kanye West-Produced Track For New Tape

Playaz Circle rapper calls Me Against the World 2: Codeine Withdrawal 'conceptual,' in Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street King: Tity Boi

Holding It Down For: ATL, Southside

Mixtape: Me Against the World 2: Codeine Withdrawal

Real Spit: "Twoooooo Chains!" The name just has a ring to it. Especially when Disturbing Tha Peace member Tity Boi yells it out in the streets. He walked down the street in Times Square telling everyone to watch their step because he had swag dripping all over the place. Don't sue if you slip, he warned. You see the two chains swinging 'round his neck!

"The name of the tape is Me Against the World 2: Codeine Withdrawal," he said. "If anybody has been following what I have been doing on mixtapes, I've been following in the concept and the team of what 'Pac was doing. Not in the music, but with his titles. I had mixtapes come out called Trapavelli then dropped a double disc called All Ice on Me. The music is pure, straight form the heart. A chance for me to get my solo outlet out. Not breaking up Playaz Circle or nothing like that. Just getting a few things off my shoulders, ya dig?

"It's conceptual. ... The subtitle is Codeine Withdrawal," he explained. "If anybody ever been into the epic of the lean, the sizzurp era, that's what's going down on the south side of Atlanta right now. A lot of cats really stopped drinking liquor, and they switched to a fruitier-tasting drink over ice. This tape, being that we were going so hard drinking syrup, it's like a drought. So I was like, 'You know what? They have habits [and some people can't function].' I did my whole tape without the assistance of what I've been doing for a couple of years. I still smoked, but the title is Codeine Withdrawal. I've had a few people tell me, 'Slow down, you moving too fast.' I slowed down. I got a little girl. It is what it is. Full of 'hood classics."

Tity Boi made his tape with DJ Black Bill Gates. TB also has the album Flight 360 out right now with his partner Dolla Boy.

Joints to Check For

1. "Lo Boots." " 'Hood classic soon as it dropped," Tity said. "A lot of my style comes through me rapping about fashion. A lot of my stuff was 'Gucci this, Louis that.' What I was doing was making the bootleggers rich. 'Cause a lot of y'all wasn't going to Gucci like me and Dolla was doing. So I did Polo boots. 'Lo Boots.' Everybody got them. They like $60 or something, some are $100, but they got nice flavors. Nice brands. The name of the song is about being swagged out with the team, rocking the 'Lo Boots.' "

2. "Can't Be Broke" (featuring Trae Tha Truth and M. Beezy). "Basically, the title speaks for itself. My verse, I give a brief summary on my birth until now, with hustling. It's always been hustling. That's basically what this song is about."

3. "Real as They Come" (featuring Lil Wayne, produced by Kanye West). "Wayne gave me that song. For no reason, the boy got a song produced by Kanye, with Dre from Cool & Dre on the hook," TB said. "[Wayne's] like, 'Here, I got a song for you.' It's a banger. It's self-explanatory, about looking in the mirror and judging yourself. 'You're as real as they come.' "

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