Neil Patrick Harris Dishes On 'Stylish And Sleek' Film 'Beastly'

'This is a very classy movie,' he says of the 'Beauty and the Beast' update.

LAS VEGAS — These days, our entire nation seems to have fallen in love with Neil Patrick Harris. It's only appropriate, then, that this summer he'll be giving advice on affairs of the heart to one of the all-time classic couples.

"The movie is called 'Beastly,' and I think the MTV cats might like it," grinned the endlessly charismatic actor, who in just over five years has gone from a forgotten "Doogie Howser" punch line to the versatile star of everything from "How I Met Your Mother" to the "Harold & Kumar" films. "It's a modern-day take on 'Beauty and the Beast.' It's stylish and very sleek in its presentation.

"Mary-Kate Olsen is a supporting star; Vanessa Hudgens is the lead — she's gorgeous, super talented and the coolest chick you would ever want to meet; Alex Pettyfer is in it — a new guy, Brit, gorgeous, super talented as well," the man known simply as NPH explained. "And I play a blind dude."

Recently we caught up with Harris' co-stars, who were eager to talk about their "intense" romance in the July 30 adaptation of the 150-year-old story of forbidden love. After Pettyfer's hopelessly conceited character gets hit with a spell that transforms him into a monster, it's none other than NPH who steps in and helps teach him about true beauty.

"Alex's character gets a hex put on him that turns him physically ugly, and he has [to learn] what true beauty is, because he's kind of a douche," Harris explained as only he could. "His dad holds him up in an apartment, and I'm the tutor that's hired to teach him things, and I'm blind. Therefore, I can't see his deformities.

"I have a kinship with him, because I also have a physical disability that I have to go beyond," the star said of his first dramatic role in nearly half a decade. "So I teach him a thing or two.

"It's nice," NPH said of getting dramatic for a change. "Usually my movies are full of masturbation jokes.

"This is a very classy movie, actually," he promised. "It looks great. I think the performances are strong. I think it's better than your average teen film.

"I think it's great to see Alex — who plays the lead guy — trying to win over Vanessa's character, because she ends up at the [apartment]; there's a whole sequence where he's giving her gifts and hoping that she likes him and she doesn't — it's very 'Beauty and the Beast,' " NPH said of his favorite scene in the flick, which he recently saw for the first time. "It'd make a great date film."

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