Nicolas Cage Says 'Drive Angry' Is A 'Foray Into The Supernatural'

'There's a supernatural element to it as well,' he says of the revenge thriller.

SAN FRANCISCO — This past weekend, one of the world's biggest movie stars strolled into a room full of reporters, virtually unnoticed. It wasn't until publicists began pointing him out that people realized it was Nicolas Cage, sporting a bizarre new hairstyle that seems consistent with the "never the same look twice" beliefs of actors like himself, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. Oddly enough, Cage's look for the movie "Drive Angry" is reminiscent of a character in one of his old films: Angelina Jolie in "Gone in 60 Seconds."

"Originally I was going to shave my head and tattoo my scalp," Cage explained of his new look. "But the producer didn't want me to do that. So then I decided that I was gonna [embrace] the Celtic roots on the other side of my family. So I dyed the hair lighter because I think that's what the character should look like."

One of this year's many eagerly anticipated 3-D releases, "Angry" is a hybrid revenge/thriller/supernatural flick that casts Cage as a vengeance-seeking dad hunting down the men who killed his daughter. Aiming for an early 2011 release, the film is currently shooting around Shreveport, Louisiana.

"What's really cool is that the 3-D is from scratch — all the cameras are 3-D," Cage said, referring to films like "Clash of the Titans" that convert rather than create their 3-D. "It's not going to be tacked onto the movie afterwards. Patrick [Lussier], the director, is very excited about it. It's the first one [like this]; it's like if you got to see an old '70s action movie, but in 3-D. We're doing something semi-historical, because it's the first 3-D movie shot [in the] style of a '70s action film. You could see Charles Bronson or Eastwood [starring in a film like this] in those days.

" 'Drive Angry' is also another foray into the supernatural," Cage said of what attracted him to project, revealing a ghostly element of the story line that is being kept largely under wraps. "There's a supernatural element to it as well, which is keeping with what my interests are right now."

Personally fascinated by the world of the paranormal, Cage said that "Drive Angry" is the latest in a long line of movies involving spirits. "When I play supernatural characters in 'Ghost Rider' or 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' or 'City of Angels' or 'Next' or even 'Drive Angry,' the possibilities are limitless. The possibilities are endless, you can do so much with that."

So does that mean Cage believes in supernatural entities in real life? "Oh, absolutely," he explained. "I believe in everything. Yeah, sure — I'm not one of those people that pretends to know [everything]; I can't. I don't have all the answers."

After WonderCon, Cage was scheduled to fly back to the set and resume work. And judging by his raspy voice, he may want to hope that some supernatural spirit can intervene and help get his familiar tones back.

"We're shooting in Louisiana and it's just drenched in pollen everywhere — it's all over the cars, everywhere, and it got in my throat," Cage said of his raspy voice, which, when paired with the hairdo, definitely makes him seem like something beyond this world. "I sound like some sort of old blues singer right now."

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