Alicia Keys' #MusicMonday Pick: Sade's 'Soldier Of Love'

'I'm loving that Sade is back,' Keys says, adding that MGMT are also on her playlist.

One of the things that makes Alicia Keys a particularly impressive artist is her ability to synthesize dozens of influences into a coherent whole that is entirely her own. On her latest album, The Element of Freedom, there's a little bit of Prince, a taste of Roberta Flack, a hint of Joni Mitchell and a healthy dose of Mary J. Blige. So, it's no wonder that Keys' #MusicMonday pick comes from the latest album from another titan in modern R&B.

"I'm loving that Sade is back," Keys recently told MTV News. "I love 'Soldier of Love.' I can't help it."

Sade's latest single comes from the recently released album of the same name — her first in a decade. But even though she took 10 years off, Keys says Sade is still just as powerful and affecting as she always has been. "There's just something about her voice and her energy that speaks to me," she says.

Keys told MTV News that she's also grooving along to new music from MGMT, who just released their sophomore album, Congratulations.

Keys' playlist will get plenty of mileage over the next few months, as she is currently on the road (she'll be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday). Then she'll have one of her most high-profile gigs coming up in June, when she helps kick off the FIFA World Cup — the world's largest soccer tournament — in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 10.

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