'Clash Of The Titans' Face-Off: Sam Worthington Vs. Harry Hamlin

'That's his interpretation, this is my interpretation,' Worthington says of the differences in the two portrayals.

Clash of the, um, Perseuses? Is that what went down at the "Clash of the Titans" premiere on Wednesday, when new Perseus Sam Worthington and original Perseus Harry Hamlin — he of the 1981 original — walked the red carpet together? Both men obviously have a lot a respect for each other, but they also had differing ideas of how they'd react when sitting down at Grauman's Chinese Theatre to watch the film based on Greek legend.

Hamlin confessed that he would be comparing his vintage movies — those sword fights undertaken while wearing sandals and a skirt — to Worthington's. "Of course, absolutely," he said.

Worthington, however, said the idea of placing the two portrayals side by side hadn't crossed his mind. "I'm not arrogant enough to compare the two," he said. "I'm not going to be arrogant like that. That's his interpretation, this is my interpretation. And he seems like a genuine, nice bloke."

The nice bloke was happy to pay much respect to his successor. "Worthington, he's great," Hamlin said. "He was awesome in ['Avatar'] and I expect he's going to be awesome in this."

While stars of past films that are remade don't often show up at the new movies' premieres, Hamlin said he had no hard feelings about this new take on "Clash," which opened on Friday (April 2).

"It's a great compliment that someone wants to remake a movie that you did 30 years ago," he explained. "I wouldn't be in it, but I would love to come and see it. It's an homage."

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