Diddy-Dirty Money Debut 'Hello, Good Morning' On 'American Idol'

Trio accompany their Last Train to Paris track with an impressive light show.

Ahead of Wednesday night's (March 31) results show, "American Idol" viewers were warned about and promised "a strobe-light effect like you have never seen before!" And for those without photo-sensitivity issues, the 10-second spectacle was quite stunning during Diddy-Dirty Money's debut performance of "Hello, Good Morning."

As a sort of inverse to Usher's performance earlier in the show, Diddy arrived on a staircase dressed in all white, at first bathed in a heavenly light from above while live violins and timpani kicked off the rocking new single from the upcoming album Last Train to Paris.

Diddy was then met on a smoky stage by his Dirty Money mates Dawn Richard and Kalenna, who impressively kept up with their energetic frontman. Halfway through the song, the light show was introduced with an address to those watching at home.

"America," Diddy shouted out, "right about now I want you to turn your televisions up and your lights down. And rock with us!"

The strobe lasted only a few seconds, and it was likely even more impressive to the crowd in the studio, but this was a stunt and a performance worthy of the popular TV series in a season when viewers have been their most critical.

In the end, Diddy came off like an angel, bathed again in an even greater stream of heavenly spotlight. Then, never one to stand still for too long, he ran out into the audience, where he was met with screams of approval from his fans.

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