Matt Damon To Appear On '30 Rock'

Actor will play a love interest for Tina Fey's character later this season.

Matt Damon is set to appear in a late-season episode of "30 Rock," according to Entertainment Weekly reporter Michael Ausiello, who's taking credit for the casting.

In December, Ausiello quoted the movie star at the "Invictus" premiere regarding a potential guest spot on the NBC sitcom, per Tina Fey's wishes:

The Evolution of: Matt Damon

"I would do ['30 Rock'] in a heartbeat if they asked me to come on," he said at the time. "I have not been approached about doing it. She should call my people — or, even better, me. Or I could call her. Let's make this happen. Tina is a brilliant comedy writer. My wife and I download that show in bulk. That's actually one of the downsides to working so much this year; I have fallen behind on this season. But we love that show, so if she has a part for me, I'm game."

E! News has since confirmed Damon's "30 Rock" appearance with the network and reports that the Oscar winner will be playing a love interest for Fey's character, Liz Lemon. Currently, only one episode is guaranteed, but NBC hopes for a multi-appearance arc if Damon has the time.

This won't be Fey and Damon's first collaboration. Both provided their voices to characters in the English-language dub of the recent Japanese animated film "Ponyo." Damon also hosted "Saturday Night Live" back in 2002 when Fey was still co-host of the "Weekend Update" segment and an "SNL" writer. His only other sitcom role was a guest spot on "Will & Grace" as a straight actor pretending to be gay.

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