Sam Worthington Defends 'Clash Of The Titans' 3-D Conversion

Critics have chided 'Clash' for riding the coattails of 'Avatar' — a film Worthington also headlined.

[movieperson id="243115"]Sam Worthington[/movieperson] finds himself in an unenviable promotional place at the moment.

As the star of Hollywood game-changer "Avatar," he had a front-row seat to the years-long process of creating an immersive, three-dimensional world that seems to have finally shifted 3-D movies from fad to fixture. Now, as the star of "Clash of the Titans," he must defend a film that has jumped — some might say shamelessly so — on the technological bandwagon via a last-minute, weeks-long 3-D conversion process that has left early viewers unimpressed.

What is an A-lister to do? If you're Worthington, you go around calling "Clash" a popcorn film that "shouldn't be taken too serious." That's what he did at the London red-carpet premiere on Monday, and that's what he essentially did days earlier during a sit-down interview with MTV News.

"If you've got anything of an epic scale, I think 3-D helps, because you kind of start looking around at things," he told us.

No doubt, the film has an epic scale, with its big-budget exploration of Greek gods and monsters, but there's no doubting the effectiveness and beauty of natively authored 3-D versus a late-stage application of a 3-D veneer.The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt summed up the collective complaints among early "Clash" viewers when he wrote, "The major drawback, especially now, when 3-D is all the rage, is its feeble effort in that department. Added as an afterthought in post-production, the 3-D barely registers. Few moviegoers will think it's worth the extra bucks."

Nonetheless, "Clash" is supposed to open big this weekend, and Worthington is sticking to the script: His movie was meant to be in 3-D — even if it wasn't made to be in 3-D.

"This action is very frenetic and fast," he said. "It's how [director] Louis [Leterrier] likes to shoot. It's what his movies are known for. Suddenly, you're in the action. Suddenly, you're getting stuff thrown at you, you're kind of looking deep beneath the sand. That kind of velocity and vibrancy really makes an audience forget they're in a darkened room of a theater."

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