'American Idol' Experts Predict The End For Didi Benami Or Tim Urban

'Tim Urban's performance last night was ridiculous and a little creepy,' blogger MJ Santilli says.

Now that we're down to the top 10 on "American Idol," the competition is heating up and it becomes harder each week to predict who will be sent packing. But on Tuesday night, two performances stood out from the rest for our "Idol" experts as the likely swan song for a pair of finalists.

'American Idol' Season 9 Performances

"Didi Benami's 'What Becomes of the Brokenhearted' was uncomfortable television," opined MTV News' own "Idol" aficionado Jim Cantiello of the lounge jazz cover of the Jimmy Ruffin hit. "And not in an 'Awww, I feel bad for her, I'm going to vote for her' way. More like in a, 'I think I need to change the channel and possibly even take a shower' way."

For Cantiello, and the show's judges, it was pitchy and dreary. "But worst of all, it was old-fashioned," he said, mirroring the comments from Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi, who told the singer/songwriter that she had slipped up by once again trying to change her coffeehouse image. "She had the potential to knock this one out of the park, but she continued her misguided attempt at being America's favorite cabaret star instead of developing her singer/songwriter persona," Cantiello said.

MJ Santilli, of the popular MJsBigBlog.com, had to agree, though she still held out hope that one of the show's seemingly bulletproof, perpetually poorly performing finalists might finally be on the chopping block. "Either Tim Urban or Didi Benami is going home this week," she predicted. "Both have made trips to the bottom and have struggled to please the judges."

There were jokes on Tuesday night about Urban's new nickname "Teflon Tim," a nod to the seeming power of his Abercrombie & Fitch good looks to overcome mostly negative remarks for his performances. And after Urban face-planted with an off-key, shambling cover of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love," the panel was shocked by his laughter during their evisceration of his latest epic fail. Cowell threw up his hands at one point, acknowledging that Urban's rabid fanbase would probably keep him in the competition despite another rough week.

"The first two eliminations [from the top 12] have been female, so I think we're due for a guy to leave," Santilli said. "Tim Urban's performance last night was ridiculous and a little creepy. Laughing while the judges were trying to give him constructive criticism probably did not endear him to viewers beyond his core fanbase of tweens."

Who do you think will go home tonight? Share your own "Idol" predictions in the comments below.

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