Christina Aguilera Debuts 'Not Myself Tonight,' First Bionic Single

New album is due June 8.

On Tuesday afternoon (March 30), [artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] took to her I Heart Radio channel to premiere "Not Myself Tonight," the first single from her upcoming Bionic album. And judging from the sound of the track, Bionic is a pretty fitting title for the project.

"Tonight" is a whirring, whooshing thing, full of blaring synthesizers and spare snares speeding along over a pounding, four-on-the-floor beat. It's more of a classic house cut than anything else, the kind of track you'd expect to hear rattling the speakers at the massive, multi-level clubs of Europe. And on the song, Aguilera sounds like she's already on the dance floor.

"Tonight, I'm feeling a little bit out of control," she sings over curling electronic tendrils. "I'm dancing a lot/ Taking shots and I'm feeling fine/ Kissing all the boys and girls/ Someone call the doctor, 'cause I lost my mind."

"Tonight, I'm not the same girl/ I'm not myself tonight," she belts over the soaring chorus. "In the morning, when I wake up, I'll go back to the girl I used to be/ But baby, not tonight."

Toward the end of the song — which was produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ester Dean — Aguilera even gets to show off her patented vocal pyrotechnics, making several powerful vocal runs. And there's a sweaty, pulsing breakdown in which she pants and purrs ("Yeah, that feels good, I needed that") before the song fades out under the clatter of drums.

"Tonight" was prefaced by a rather robotic countdown on Aguilera's I Heart Radio channel, which featured an android repeating the title of the album while grinding electronic noises whirred in the background and some of Aguilera's earlier hits ("Genie in a Bottle," "Beautiful," etc.) were mixed into the fray. At the song's end, Aguilera asked fans to call in and let her know if they liked the track, before she decided to play the whole thing again.

Bionic is scheduled to hit stores June 8. In an interview earlier this year with Marie Claire magazine, Aguilera said the album "is about the future" and explained that the birth of her son, Max, served as inspiration for many of the songs.

With the song's premiere, we can probably put those "Iamamiwhoami" rumors to bed once and for all.

What do you think of "Not Myself Tonight"? Are you excited to hear Bionic? Let us know in the comments!