'The Diary of Justin Bieber' Gives Fans Intimate View Of Pop Star

'This has been an incredible experience,' Bieber says in the special.

In "The Diary of [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist]," fans got to see what the popstar's hectic life is like on a daily basis, including behind-the-scenes moments filmed when he wasn't doing press, signing autographs or performing — those rare moments when Bieber can be just a kid. But we also saw that his fans' enthusiasm can sometimes get out of control and cause Bieber to have to cancel appearances.

In the show he displayed his French-speaking skills during a radio interview in Paris, where a good portion of the show takes place, and his love of French girls. "I like their accents," he offered. And Bieber, then 15, admitted that sometimes the French made him feel a bit uncomfortable with their sexually charged line of questions — especially with his mom right next to him.

The special also showed Bieber's dedication to his fans. At am autograph signing in Paris, despite not feeling well, Bieber forged on in order to make sure he didn't disappoint his fans despite being given the option to walk away. "It's weird going to places and seeing girls cry — I'm honored, but why would you cry? You should be happy," he said.

After his trip to Paris to promote his album My World 2.0, he went to New York City, where he had the chance to let loose and play some sports. "I really truly wanted to beat Ryan and show him I'm not just some singer," he said about his best friend from Canada who flew in to hang out. "I can still shoot the hoop."

In New York, Bieber also hit that stage with Sean Kingston for their track "Eenie Meenie" and he reflected on his career thus far, admitting that he hasn't even started yet. "This has been an incredible experience and an incredible journey," he shared. "It's weird to think that this is only the beginning."