Kristen Stewart Says She Could Never Be A Rock Star

'She is on fire. She stares the audience down. I've never seen anything like it,' 'The Runaways' star said of rocker Joan Jett.

She may play Joan Jett in her new flick "The Runaways," out Friday, but in real life Kristen Stewart admits that there's no way she could rock like that in real life. When she stopped by "Live With Regis and Kelly" on Tuesday (March 16), Stewart said that she really admires Jett's real-life rocking swagger.

"Definitely [being a rock star is awesome]," she said. "If I had that drive ... like she needs to make that sound. It could never be fun for me to be a rock star 'cause I'm not one."

And while she's not a rock star in her everyday life, she did study Jett very closely to make sure she got her right for the big screen. "Yeah [I felt some pressure], especially for the performances because she has such a distinct voice," she explained. "She is on fire. She stares the audience down. I've never seen anything like it and you don't know you can do it until you do it for the first time."

She's all about "The Runaways" right now, but come June, she'll be on the press tour for "Eclipse," and she says that it's a bit overwhelming since the "Twilight Saga" is one of her few projects that anyone has ever paid attention to. "It's amazing. ... The first time any of my movies have gotten any attention was 'Twilight' and now 'The Runaways'... people are into that. It's awesome."

Stewart said two of the coolest things she's experienced so far this year were when she won a BAFTA award and presented an award at the Oscars. "I felt a little funny 'cause typically you have a movie there, so I felt very much like a little kid on the stage," she said of the Oscars. "Everybody that was nominated in that category [at the BAFTAs], they're my favorite actors right now. It was cool. I would have been so happy to not have to say anything — jinxing was not my concern. And the other thing is, it's a voted thing and the 'Twilight' fans are awesome to click and click and click. I prepared a little bit."

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