Lady Gaga's Fans Praise 'Amazing' 'Telephone' Video

'I can't wait to see what else she has hidden up the sleeve of one of her outrageous outfits,' writes one fan

[artist id="3061469 "]Lady Gaga[/artist]'s splashy "Telephone" video premiered Thursday night. The nearly 10-minute clip, which co-stars Beyoncé, is epic. It has amazing costumes, and it also has Lady Gaga naked. It was everything the singer said it would be. It was, as the Haus of Gaga recently declared it, "a masterpiece."

Judging by the comments on, it seems that Gaga's little monsters agree with the Haus about the quality of the clip. "I thought the video for 'Telephone' was great. Lady Gaga is super-talented but she is also a phenomenal entertainer," Nikki817 wrote. "I think that she is just what the music world needs and I can't wait to see what else she has hidden up the sleeve of one of her outrageous outfits. Yay for Gaga."

LoveAsh87 wrote, "OMFG. That was such an amazing video. I love LADY GAGA, she is so freakin' talent[ed]. And I'm glad I'm one of her lil monsters. I can't wait to see what she brings next. That was freak[in'] rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jhonny loved the video the first time and every time since that he's seen it. "LOVE IT. OMG. It was so comical at the same time too. I was laughing a lot and she was so fierce with her makeup," he wrote. "I first watched it and was like, huh? But watch it three more times and you'll see you missed things you didn't see the first time. Her sister is also in there btw for like a second, and it was just funny and she outdid herself again."

S loved the video, but still can't deny the quality of Gaga's previous video effort. "It was a super-fun, funny, colorful and quirky music video," S wrote. "But 'Bad Romance' still remains her best video. But this is only the beginning; she'll get greater as she goes on."

Perhaps CityBoyfromNY summed it up best for Gaga fans when he wrote, "Who needs crack when you have Lady Gaga!!!!"