Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning Leave 'Runaways' Rocking On The Screen

'That's as close as I'm ever going to get,' Fanning says of avoiding a rock-and-roll career path.

BRENTWOOD, California — It's been said that every movie star wants to be a rocker and that every rocker yearns to act. Over the years, everyone from David Bowie to Keanu Reeves to Tyson Ritter has proven that point, with varying results.

"The Runaways," opening April 9, tells the true story of teenage girls from the '70s growing up fast in the rock-and-roll lifestyle. In real life, actors Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been living as teenage girls in the '00s growing up fast with the lifestyle of movie superstars. But if there were any urge to someday go all Billy Bob Thornton, the two claim the biopic got it out of their systems.

"We couldn't be more [like rockers]," Stewart explained of the gig portraying Joan Jett during her early days in the hard-partying all-girl band. "This is the biggest opportunity to be a rock star."

"Yeah, the closest I'm ever going to get is when I was performing 'Cherry Bomb,' " Fanning said of the signature song for Cherie Currie, which she sings in the movie at several clubs and house parties while being pelted with trash and flipped off by the very punk-rock crowds the band attracted. "I guess that was the biggest moment of being an actor: pretending to be a rock star. That's as close as I'm ever going to get."

"You literally are suited up and put in the exact same position [where a rocker would stand]," Kristen explained of shooting the biopic for filmmaker Floria Sigismondi, who captures the '70s rock scene with amazing attention to detail. "You couldn't [be any more of one] unless you really were a rock star."

"Which," Stewart added, making sure to be clear, "we both are not planning on doing."

As Kristen's fans are well aware, the girl knows her music. Remember that Minor Threat T-shirt she wore to Comic-Con '09? Or when she was spotted with the rest of the "Twilight" cast at the Kings of Leon show? Keeping all that in mind, we had to ask the big question: If she could trade places with any rock star for a single day, who would it be?

"Joan!" Stewart shot back, without hesitation. "It depends on what period of life, I suppose. But on Joan and Cherie's best day? Oh my God, I would definitely go with that!"

Much like Cherie and Joan in real life, Fanning immediately agreed with her rock-and-roll/ Hollywood sister. "That would be insane!"

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