What Would Nicole Scherzinger 'Telephone' Lady Gaga About?

'I would ask her if she could design my next costume for my next music video,' Pussycat Dolls frontwoman says.

In honor of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" music video premiere on Thursday, MTV News got celebrities to weigh in on what they would ask Gaga about on a phone call, if they could ask about anything in the world. So, this week we will be rolling out their burning questions for the pop princess. And stay tuned to MTV News for more on the "Telephone" video.

If anybody has access to call [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] up and chat for a bit, it's [artist id="1841713"]Pussycat Doll[/artist] [artist id="1632950"]Nicole Scherzinger[/artist], who toured with Gaga in 2009. And if Scherzinger can get her on the phone, she's got a few specific things she'd like to ask.

"If I could call Lady Gaga on the phone and ask her for anything ... I would ask her if she could design my next costume for my next music video. No, I would ask her to do a song with me," she joked. "Because she is flipping brilliant."

After getting the career-related stuff out of the way, she's got a question about a little something she gave Gaga awhile back. "I'd ask her, you know what I would say? I'd say, 'Gaga, you still have those really pretty Vivienne Westwood earrings that I bought you when we were on tour?' And if she says, 'Yeah,' I'll say, 'OK, cool, you remember those earrings, right? Yeah, when are we going to do a song together?' " she joked.

And while Scherzinger is currently in reinvention mode with the Pussycat Dolls, she told us she admires Gaga's ability to constantly reinvent her own look. "Already within the year, two years she'd been on the scene, she's just always inspiring us with music," she said. "She's reinvented herself eight times this past week!"

What would you call Lady Gaga about? Tell us in the comments below!