Joel Madden And Nicole Richie Planning Wedding 'At Our Own Pace'

'I couldn't give you a timeline,' Good Charlotte frontman says of plans for the big day.

Two kids and several years into their relationship, [artist id="1111181"]Joel Madden[/artist] finally put a ring on it and popped the question to Nicole Richie. But Madden said the happy couple is in no great rush to the altar — these two do everything on their own time.

"Yeah, we're engaged! I finally did it!" he told MTV News on the red carpet at the Oscars, where he was the DJ for the big show. "You know what? Just like the engagement [we're not rushing anything]. I mean, we had two kids before we got engaged, so getting married — I couldn't give you a timeline. We kind of move at our own pace, so we'll see."

The pair first announced they were engaged last month after Madden tweeted the good news. "Yep. I'm engaged. Very happy," Madden, who has a daughter, Harlow, and son, Sparrow, with Richie, tweeted in a post that has since been deleted, but not before the news was picked up everywhere. "Yeah, we've been engaged for a while, so you're all kind of late on that. But thanks for the hoopla all the same."

Richie also announced the news on "The Late Show With David Letterman" around the same time that Madden made the Twitter announcement. "We actually recently are engaged, yes," Richie confirmed.

"You are engaged?" Letterman responded to the news, "Oh, congratulations, that's nice ... a lot of people will have children and then they don't want to rush right into the marriage — you know, they wait till the kids get out of college, then they get married," the talk-show host joked.