Robert Pattinson Reveals The Secret To His Success

'The only way I can really get things done is if I completely believe the opposite,' the 'Remember Me' star tells MTV News.

Sometimes it ain't easy being young. But it sure can be dramatic, and it certainly can make for some amazing stories.

The latest reminder of this is "Remember Me," a powerful drama starring "Lost" actressEmilie de Ravin and the incomparable Robert Pattinson. In the film, RPattz is a troubled young man grappling with life after his brother's suicide and finding salvation in the arms of Ally, a woman determined to savor the beauty in life following her mother's murder. The March 12 movie, like life itself, is sloppy and beautiful all at the same time.

Recently we caught up with the film's perfect-looking leads to discuss the difficulties of being young. And they told us that beneath the surface, we're all magnificently flawed.

"Yeah, probably," was de Ravin's response when we asked if she sometimes feels as confused as her character. "Yeah. I mean, it's OK to be confused, isn't it?"

"I guess it depends on how confused," Pattinson grinned. "Or about what."

"That's true," she responded, saying that confusion isn't always a bad thing. "There is a degree."

And where there's confusion, there's often rebellion — manifested in the film by Rob's character Tyler, who has a serious problem with authority in many scenes that are drawing comparisons to James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause."

"I used to be more [rebellious]," Pattinson said of his younger days, adding, "I've been beaten by the system."

What do the actors do when they feel life has got them down? Well, James Dean famously banged his head.

"I don't physically beat my head against a wall," de Ravin smiled, looking at her co-star. "Do you?"

"Sometimes," Pattinson responded. "That's why my hair is so flat."

Then there's self-righteousness, a characteristic often shared by rebels; sometimes they really are right — and RPattz told us that in his own unique way, he does have a self-righteous streak.

"He's righteous to a fault," Rob said of his character. "I definitely [am as well], but I always get proved wrong.

"The only way I can really get things done is if I completely believe the opposite," explained the "Twilight" star. "If I make myself believe the opposite, then the thing I initially wanted will happen. That's the way I've worked my whole life.

"If I keep working, working, working at the opposite of what I want," he grinned, "I'll get everything I want."

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