'Remember Me' Stars Rave About Robert Pattinson At NYC Premiere

'He's fascinating to watch because he's so naturally subtle and interesting,' Emilie de Ravin tells MTV News.

NEW YORK — The mountains of snow piled up on the sidewalks could not keep Robert Pattinson's fans at bay Monday evening (March 1) at the red-carpet premiere for his romantic drama, "Remember Me." The screaming masses lined up early and were gifted with a few moments of rabid OME-dom as RPattz ran down the line greeting all those who waited to catch a glimpse of him.

Inside the makeshift press tent at the Paris Theatre in midtown, the energy was no less wild, the screams of folks waiting to talk with Pattinson no less ear-piercing. But the 23-year-old superstar, tired yet amused as ever by the pandemonium, seemed to take it all in stride. While MTV News was chatting with his co-star Emilie de Ravin, Pattinson leaned over and shouted, "Emilie! Emilie! What's the most fascinating thing about me? Just say it!"

It was that kind of evening, as all involved in "Remember Me" contended with the noisy reality of what it means to have a "Twilight" vampire in your cast. De Ravin and co-stars Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper spoke about how this role — in which RPattz plays a rebellious young man who falls for a beautiful girl (De Ravin) — represents a profound evolution for Pattinson as an actor.

"It means growth," Cooper said of his co-star's part. "Robert had a big hand as an executive producer in this film. That tells me he's going to branch out into fields other than acting. He's got a lot to deal with already, but he's been able to handle it beautifully."

De Ravin, who earlier had told MTV News about her instant connection with Pattinson, continued to rave about his skills in front of the camera. "He's amazing," she said. "He's fascinating to watch because he's so naturally subtle and interesting."

While the cries from onlookers increased as Pattinson went to greet his fans, Brosnan could only stand back and watch with pride. "This is his night," he said. "I think this particular piece of drama for him is very significant as a young actor who's come on the stage in a blinding glare of light and fame. He's an executive producer on this film, so he's committed himself to finding good work."

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