Exclusive: Lil Wayne Films Videos, Holds Farewell Party Before Jail

MC gives us a peek into some footage he shot during his pre-jail weekend in Miami.

Nino Brown: The Road to Rikers, Part 4

In [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s world this past weekend, Saturday was bleeding into Sunday morning and the one constant was that Weezy was excited to be working. Wayne shot seven videos between those hours for himself, Rick Ross, Drake, Young Money artist Shanell, Travis from Gym Class Heroes and Diddy.

In the latest clip to come into MTV News from Wayne and his videographer DJ Scoob Doo, the Cash Money MC takes us on a trip to Miami, where he shot scenes for Diddy-Dirty Money's new video "Strobe Lights."

"I'm the hardest-working man in show business," Wayne said on the way to the set. "Shout-out my n---a James Brown. Young Wayne Carter.

"Look at the attitude, though," he continues with a buoyant swagger. "This is what you artists need to catch. Look at the attitude. No drugs, no nothing — I ain't even get no p----. I go away in two days, I ain't even get no p----."

After Wayne goes in to shoot his video, we see him leave and go back to his Miami estate.

"There you have it. Nino. I don't know how many videos we did," he said. "But y'all saw it. Now I'm back where we started. I'm about to get my bottom grills and we party tonight. Nino! @liltunechi."

Sunday night Wayne held a farewell party at Club Liv with his Cash Money/ Young Money family members such as Shanell, Mack Maine, Bow Wow and the #1 Stunna, Birdman.

Wayne and DJ Scoob Doo are also filming the reality DVD "The Nino Brown Story Part 3." The first two installments are available at DJ Scoob Doo's Web site. Check back with MTV News for more of Wayne's "Road to Rikers."