Lady Gaga Wants 'Telephone' Video 'To Be Perfect'

Gaga tweets that long-awaited video is still being edited.

The "Telephone" video is coming! The "Telephone" video is coming!

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] took to her Twitter to let her little monsters know that the much-anticipated "Telephone" video is on its way. Although no date was announced, she did say that the video, shot last month in California and directed by Jonas Åkerlund, is currently being edited.

"Telephone is coming I promise! Still editing. I want it to be perfect," she tweeted. "The Haus has dubbed her a 'masterpiece.' "

While co-stars Beyoncé (who also worked with Gaga on "Video Phone") and Semi Precious Weapons have been singing the video's praises, Gaga recently gave her fans some hints as to what they can expect from the clip.

"It was really amazing," she told Johnjay and Rich on Phoenix's 104.7 KISS FM last month, according to "Beyoncé's incredible and I had a lot of time with her, so I was able to put her in quite a bit of the video."

She added that this video is a sequel to her "Paparazzi" video, which was also shot by Åkerlund. "I feel so bad for the 'Bad Romance' video 'cause the 'Telephone' video's so much better," she said. "[Beyoncé's] really a great friend of mine. We have a lot of fun working together. We're so very different in our approaches, but somehow when we come together it's really magical. I'm very excited for everyone to see the video.

"What I like about it is it's a real true pop event," she added. "And when I was younger, I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that's what I wanted this to be."

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