Jennifer Lopez Spoofs 'We Are The World,' Olympics On 'SNL'

J. Lo's television blitz continues with 'How I Met Your Mother' cameo, rumored 'Glee' appearance.

[artist id="50857"]Jennifer Lopez[/artist] might be between record labels, but her television appearances have been fast and frequent.

After filming an episode of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" last month, playing a sexy self-help guru who seduces Neil Patrick Harris' character, Lopez hit "Saturday Night Live" for the first time in almost a decade.

"The first time I was on this show was 10 years ago. ... Back then I was single and traveling around with a big entourage," Lopez said, opening the show in a form-fitting black leather dress. "But people grow up; now I'm married with two beautiful children."

The singer/actress went on to have an awkward conversation with comedian and "SNL" cast member Kenan Thompson, who was posing as a discarded member of her 1990s entourage, flanked by two drag queens wearing her infamous green barely-there dress and a denim bodysuit. All ended well as Thompson left the stage with the drag queens in tow and J. Lo began the show.

Another skit portrayed "We Are the World 3," a spoof of the recent remake. Lopez played [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist], wearing a black and white Balmain-inspired leather jacket with gold hoops, hipster sunglasses and a blond cropped wig.

"There comes a time, eh!, when we heed a certain call, eh!" Lopez sang, poking fun at the "Rude Boy" singer.

In the next skit, Lopez was part of a Winter Olympics curling team. She played a confused Telemundo reporter covering the Winter Olympics in another.

"We don't understand these, es loca!" said Lopez, wearing an orange blazer.

The strangest clip had to be a mock celebrity news interview in which Lopez was questioned by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, leading the Bronx native to scream "paciencia y fe" ("patience and faith") like a madwoman before stomping out of view.

Lopez also performed two guiter-led songs including the Danja-produced, Wynter Gordon-written "Starting Over" from her forthcoming album, Love? Her LP is slated to hit stores this summer. Lopez still has not specified what label she has signed to, but Deadline Hollywood, the blog that originally broke the story of the Sony split, reported that she is in talks with Island Def Jam. Neither she nor her former label, Sony Records, has discussed what precipitated the split, but Deadline speculated that it might have been a response to the poor critical and commercial reception to the album's first official single, "Louboutins," which failed to light up the charts.

Lopez's episode of "How I Met Your Mother" airs March 8, and she is rumored to be in talks for an appearance on the Golden Globe-winning show "Glee."