Shakira Scores Love With Tennis Pro Rafael Nadal In New Video

Singer and tennis star cozy up in 'Gypsy' clip.

[artist id="504144"]Shakira[/artist] must really love tennis — especially when Spanish player Rafael Nadal is playing. In the clip for her new single "Gypsy," the hip-shaking singer shows just how much she loves the #3-ranked player's swing. The video opens with Shakira's mouth on her harmonica and closes with her lips all over the shirtless Nadal. In between, the two get in some serious canoodling.

The video, like the song paired with it, has a much more organic vibe and sound than other tracks from Shakira's 2009 album She Wolf. Directed by frequent Shakira collaborator Jaume de Laiguana, the video tells a love story that plays out on a desert backdrop. It's an ideal setting for the romance between the smiling Shakira and her often-shirtless tennis pro to unfold.

The video has lots of perspiration, quite a few shots of Shakira's gyrating hips and much affection shown by the pair. While the lyrics of "Gypsy" have Shakira singing about looking to bring her love with her on the road, in the video she turns up the glam in outfits that look like she has entire closets at her disposal. And while she claims that she's willing to wear her lover's clothes if they fit, she looks much hotter in the sheer black halter top and long black skirt that she sports at one point in the clip.

As the video closes on Nadal and Shakira kissing, the viewer wonders if — and hopes that — they can survive her gypsy lifestyle.

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