LMFAO's Sky Blu Says Mitt Romney 'Vulcan-Gripped' Him On Airplane

'What I did was a Vulcan-grip countermove,' he says of his altercation with the Massachusetts governor.

NEW YORK — LMFAO's Sky Blu isn't a violent person; he's a partyer. But when former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney placed a "Vulcan grip" on him, he said he physically struck back because he was in the heat of the moment.

"I look at the man, like, 'Are you serious?' And then, boom, Vulcan grip comes out on my shoulder," Sky Blu told MTV News about the incident. "He Vulcan-gripped me real quick. The man was sitting here and said, 'Sir, put your seat up,' and, pow, and what I did was a Vulcan-grip countermove. I learned this when I was a youngster. Bam, forehead."

So Sky Blu actually hit Romney in the face? "Oh, yeah, I got him," he said. "I went upside his head one time. That was the reaction when you touch me, especially during a heated exchange, I'm gonna have to rearrange your forehead piece."

Sky Blu and his musical partner Redfoo made headlines last week when word broke that LMFAO were involved in a skirmish with Romney. The Massachusetts governor reportedly was upset when Sky Blu reclined his seat into the passenger behind him before the flight took off. Romney's wife was the one seated behind Sky Blu, he said, but she didn't voice any displeasure until the conflict occurred. Sky said he barely reclined his seat.

Although the LMFAO guys joked that they were saints that morning who helped "little old ladies cross the street," Sky Blu said Mitt Romney was pleasant afterward. He just didn't appreciate Romney's approach, let alone being grabbed by him.

"First of all, that's too hard-core for the first talk," Sky said. "For the break-the-ice, that's too hard-core — especially if you're not a flight attendant."