Rihanna Dreams Of Playing A 'Badass' In An Action Movie

She's also interested in starting her own fashion line: 'It's another way for me to be creative.'

[artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] only released her last album, Rated R, a few months ago, but the singer already has plans for what she'd like to do next: She wants to develop a clothing line and explore film opportunities.

"I would love to get into comedic movies," Rihanna said. "As well as action. I love action. I would love to play a badass one day."

She has only one movie credit under her belt from a cameo in the third installment of "Bring It On." Rihanna called that experience "weird" but said she had a lot of fun on set.

While Rihanna doesn't have a leading man in mind, she did reveal that she's hooked on Sacha Baron Cohen flicks. "I love him," she said. "I watched 'Brüno' and 'Borat' 50 million times."

Aside from her Hollywood ambitions, Rihanna also said she would like to start a career in couture. "I always wanted to do a fashion line of my own, because I love fashion," she said. "I love fashion, and it's another way for me to be creative."

She displayed her creative side recently in her new video for "Rude Boy." In the clip, which Rihanna described as "pop art," the singer is outfitted in various designs, from colorful numbers to a slinky black-and-white body suit. She said "Rude Boy" was one of her best video experiences ever.

"It's a fun video," she said. "Probably the most fun video we've done so far."

What do you think of Rihanna's acting ambitions? Would you rather see her in an action movie or a comedy? Let us know in the comments below!