Soulja Boy Tell'em On 'All The Way Turnt Up' Video With Roscoe Dash

'That sounds like a 'Turn My Swag On' times 10. Man, I gotta get on that,' rapper says of collaboration.

Soulja Boy Tell'em recently broke from recording his forthcoming album, The DeAndre Way, to team up with up-and-coming rapper Roscoe Dash for a remix of the hit "All the Way Turnt Up." The clip debuted on Monday (February 22) and is currently the Jam of the Week on "MTV Jams."

"When I first heard the 'All the Way Turnt Up' song by Roscoe Dash, it reminded me of myself," Soulja Boy told MTV News. "I was like, 'That sounds like a "Turn My Swag On" times 10. Man, I gotta get on that.' "

The pair filmed the clip in an Atlanta warehouse, but Soulja Boy is clear that the video shoot was only a short break from his dedication to his producing craft.

"My album is complete but I record every day just to do it," Soulja said. "I been had my single, I just leaked a lot of songs that people liked just as much as [a single. This] time, I'm going to do it right so this time when I drop the song, there's going to be a visual and it's going to be money."

The teen said he's learned a lot from positive people around him, including Kanye West. "Kanye's always been supportive of my music and he wanted me to do a remix for 'Robocop' on his 808s and Heartbreak album," he said. "He gave me a lot of advice in the studio. He's real cool."

The young star says that he's grown up since the world's first introduction to "Crank Dat."

"What's different about this album is just me as an artist, period," said Soulja Boy. "My lyrics and word play, my punch lines, my metaphors is on another level, my beats, my production skills ... I just like to go to the studio and zone out. I learned how to take constructive criticism a lot better, so I just sit back and watch the game, seeing what everybody's doing, who's hot, who's selling, what's going on. My intentions are good for this third album, just ready to do it."

In preparation for The DeAndre Way, Soulja Boy recently released three mixtapes: Cortez by DJ Whoo Kid and Neptune, Paranormal Activity with DJ Scream and DatPiff with DJ Holiday. The official album is slated to hit shelves sometime this year.