The-Dream Says New Album Love King Is 'Deeper Than Space'

'Thank you all so much for embracing the single,' he says of the recently leaked title track.

Riding the success of his acclaimed sophomore album Love vs. Money as well as two Grammy Awards for songwriting, The-Dream has decided to crown himself the king of love. The title track of his third album Love King hit the Internet on Wednesday, and it seems like the self-professed "radio killer" may have another hit on his hands.

"Love King" follows the proven formula of uptempo Atlanta snap-pop with The-Dream spelling out his desire for a special lady to get to know him better. "L to the O, V to the E, K to the I, N to the G/ I don't know how he treat you, how they do it where you at/ But all I'm tryin' to say is you don't know me like that."

The-Dream hit his Twitter page to thank his fans for their support of the first leaked track. "Thank you all so much for embracing the single! The album is deeper and I push further, but first things first." He also promised he had a lot more in store for them.

"I will drop four singles and four videos before May 17! And as long as my songs make the girls happy, I'm happy. I do it for them. I do it for the promise of love. I just want to give y'all all the love you deserve!"

The-Dream told in January that the album was finished and scheduled for release in May, insisting that it was his best work yet.

He hit up Twitter again to get his fans' opinions on what they wanted next from the singer/songwriter/producer. "Tell me what y'all want next. Uptempo, slow, whatever, the album is deeper than space."