Paramore's 'Exception' Video Features Fans' Valentines

Band solicited homemade cards for clip.

[artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] have been steadily evolving since their breakout album Riot! dropped in 2007. On their latest album, Brand New Eyes, their sound grows in multiple directions. The disc even features a rarity for the band: a ballad, called "The Only Exception."

The group's music videos have evolved as well, from the basic performance piece that was "Ignorance" to the more elaborate effects-based "Brick by Boring Brick." Their latest video — for "The Only Exception," which premiered on their official Web site on Wednesday — sees the band exploring narrative in a way they never have before.

The clip opens with singer Hayley Williams waking up on a couch next to a guy and writing a note that says "I'm sorry." From there she walks to the next room and hugs a guy who, based on the lyrics, is probably meant to be her father. The video continues with Williams in her room staring into the mirror, singing about how love doesn't exist. She then moves through a costume closet and into a restaurant set, where a rotating cast of guys pose as her date.

In a cool transition, she moves into the next room, where there's a wedding — everyone thereis wearing white, but Williams comes dressed in black. She flees the scene when the bride enters.

During the chorus, the clip cuts to the coolest scene in the whole video: Williams sings ("Darling, you are the only exception") while lying down on a giant pile of homemade Valentine's Day cards (as opposed to the official Paramore Valentines). According to Williams' Twitter, the cards were solicited by the band and sent in by fans.

In the video's final moments, Williams spots her dream guy in the crowd at a rock show (the same dude she woke up next to in the opening scene), fantasizes about them together and makes her way back through the various rooms to the original set. She returns to the couch where dream guy is still asleep.

"The Only Exception" is Paramore's most ambitious and mature video yet, matching its action to the advanced sentiment of the lyrics, which paint Williams as a cynic who doesn't believe in love but is willing to make an exception for the right person. It's another win for a band that just keeps coming up victorious.