The Taylor Swift Backlash Debate Continues To Rage

Comments from Swift's label head fuel the haters' fire.

It's still going on, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon: It's the Great [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] Backlash Debate, and it continues to rage among readers.

It all started Tuesday when we published our "Why You Shouldn't Hate on Taylor Swift" article, a response to the backlash following Swift's Album of the Year win and performance with Stevie Nicks at the Grammys. The story was greeted with such response that we published a second article, this one letting the T.Swift haters of the world have their say.

Their voices were so strong that we figured we should let some of Swift's supporters have the floor too, and judging from the comments that story got, we figured both sides weren't going to be losing steam anytime soon. Then, the head of Swift's label voiced his support for the singer, and we were inundated with even more comments.

So, once again, we've rounded up the best of them, from the pro- and anti-Taylor camps, and presented them below. And if you (still) aren't satisfied, feel free to leave your two cents in the comments below.

"With all of the obvious help Taylor Swift receives on her hair, makeup and wardrobe, why can't she get a decent voice coach? They are not expensive to hire (certainly compared to renting designer gowns), and they can turn average singers (like Swift) into top-notch vocalists. Many of the mistakes that Swift makes (e.g. the difficulty holding pitch, the breathiness, the lack of resonance in her low register) could be corrected if she worked with a good voice teacher — these are all common and well-understood problems with known solutions. I just hope that she spends some of her recent earnings on improving her vocal technique so that she can prove Kanye wrong." - Caterina

"Album of the Year should have gone to an artist that has international appeal, an artist that can sing, an artist that can perform. That is Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift's performances are boring ... AND SHE CAN'T SING!!!" - Angelbx

"There's no pity party going on (unless it's plausible that a plurality of the 14,000 eligible voters in the recording industry are hopelessly soft-hearted). Complain to those that voted. The only self-serving point being made by the 'bashers' is that they know better than anyone else." - Spook

"I've been a fan of Taylor only since Fearless came out. I'm pretty disappointed by 80 percent of her performances, and I've never been to her show. If there's one thing about the entertainment industry that is certain, it's that being a performer is multidimensional. A person can be an incredible vocalist but lack the inspiration or charisma to succeed, or just the opposite. Taylor is special because she connects with fans through her music, and it's not about sex/ shaking your ass/ putting on a show. ... Something tells me that Taylor would continue to be successful with or without a Grammy. So no matter what anybody says, she will get the last laugh." - Lwmast

"OK, well, she would be a fine candidate for Miss Congeniality, not for a Grammy." - Aliann6

"Taylor deserves the Grammy for [Album] of the Year based on the merits of Fearless. She writes honest, well-crafted songs that resonate in your head and your heart. She sings them well and has a distinct style. Songwriting is a craft, and Fearless speaks for itself. It is a very strong musical effort. ... This is a young girl with sincere dedication and talent. The ability to hit the highest note (à la Beyoncé) or to turn a song into theater (à la Gaga) does not a hit record make. Think of the legendary singer/songwriters like Carole King, Cyndi Lauper, Thom Yorke and Bob Dylan. Each artist had a distinct style, marked by their ability to write strong lyrics, compose beautiful melodies and sing in their own distinctive manner. ... And there are a million fans to back me up." - Helena

"All of those nominees were deserving, more or less. Lady Gaga deserved that win more than anyone else, because her music was soooo different and sooo incredible! Her stories behind the lyrics were so diverse and so inspiring! Her music was everywhere! Nevertheless, that doesn't mean Taylor Swift was not deserving. Her music was everywhere too. There's no reason to take away from her. It is what it is." - Music_Tune

"Get over it, people! Awards shows are a flub the majority of the time. Taylor won, there's no changing that. So get freakin' over it!" - Sweet Pink

"How about she deserved to win because her peers in the music industry thought her album was the best and best-selling of the year? It crossed over from one genre to another and sold over 5 million copies in doing so. All these uninformed opinions are doubting those who are in the industry and actually get to vote because they have a clue what they are talking about." - JTF

[In response to Swift's label head claiming her vocal problems on Grammy night were due to "a volume problem in the ear."] "Yeah, I had a volume problem in my ear too — the problem was that my TV's volume was on when Taylor Swift was singing. Who is this guy trying to fool? Critics aren't the only ones bashing her. Just look at the comments on this article, written by regular music fans. Taylor needs to stop attending (and performing on) every single awards show, stop with the fake reactions to her victories, and stop thinking that she can get unlimited mileage out of her limited talent. The money might be nice right now, but if she wants to have a lasting career, she should disappear for a few months once her spring tour ends." - MCarpo

What do you think of the Taylor Swift backlash? Sound off below!