Sandra Bullock, Anna Kendrick, Others React To Oscar Nominations

Meryl Streep, Penélope Cruz and Morgan Freeman also express appreciation for their 2010 Academy Award nods.

In the hours since the early morning announcement of the 82nd Academy Award nominations, reactions from the Hollywood elite recognized by the Oscar gods have been rolling in.

[movieperson id="8456"]Sandra Bullock[/movieperson], who nabbed a nod for her turn in "The Blind Side" (also a Best Picture selection), told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'd always assumed that the road to Oscar was planned. I thought people chose projects that were considered 'Oscar-worthy.' No one wanted to make this film. I didn't want to make this film for the better part of the year. Everyone is as blindsided — can I say that? — as I am."

"Twilight" franchise star [movieperson id="318320"]Anna Kendrick[/movieperson] took to her Twitter account to spill her reaction to being nominated in the Supporting Actress category for "Up in the Air." "I'd love to say that 140 characters couldn't cover how I'm feeling right now but I'm honestly speechless," she wrote.

Acknowledging her 16th Oscar nomination — this one for her portrayal of culinary trailblazer Julia Child in "Julie & Julia" — [movieperson id="60497"]Meryl Streep[/movieperson] said in a statement, "I am proud and grateful to stand with these women who have given such a range of beautiful, indelible performances this year!!"

Five-time nominee Morgan Freeman was recognized for his turn as Nelson Mandela in "Invictus." "I'd like to thank the Academy for this honor," he said in a statement. "Congratulations to Matt Damon on his nomination. I'm especially grateful to Clint Eastwood, 'Invictus' producer Lori McCreary, and the entire cast and crew of 'Invictus.' Most importantly, thank you to Nelson Mandela for his encouragement, his blessing and his friendship — without which, this film would not have been possible."

Based on her supporting role in the musical "Nine," Penélope Cruz garnered her third Oscar nod. "I am completely surprised and elated," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "Rob Marshall is not only a genius but an absolute joy to work with. I woke up every morning excited to collaborate with this amazingly talented group of actors. Filming this movie was such a special experience and to be nominated for this role makes me so happy."

Director Kathryn Bigelow, who recently was honored by the Directors Guild for "The Hurt Locker," secured a Best Director nomination. "It really is a complete exhilaration seeing this through from where it started," she told Variety. "The feedback has been really gratifying because we set out to attempt to put a magnifying glass on a situation and I really feel we have been able to do that with the overall result."

Bigelow will compete against "Precious" director Lee Daniels in the Best Director category. "I feel like a stuffed pig, I can't get out of bed," Daniels told Variety. "I'm just stuffed with joy. I really can't move."

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