Maino Is 'Creating The Heat' With Two New Projects

MC exclusively reveals the name of his upcoming sophomore album: The Day After Tomorrow.

NEW YORK — Maino has followed his dreams, tasting fame and accolades, helping influence the culture. He has a platinum single, a gaggle of street bangers, fans across the world. While he has been able to enjoy his success at points, he's also had to persevere through tragedies.

In the past year, two of his friends — one of them his very best friend and business partner — were shot and paralyzed. Recently, his closest cousin committed suicide. Still, Maino has refused to let pain and grief take over his life.

The Brooklyn native has two projects coming in 2010: an EP next week and his second full-length album this summer.

"Everything is digital," he said Tuesday (January 26), visiting the MTV News offices. "You got the freedom to take four to five songs, get 'em cleared and throw it up on iTunes and get people to buy it. At the same time, you're creating the heat, generating the interest and go into your second album. That's the plan. Consistency is the key to success, in my eyes. You look at a lot of these great artists — you look at T.I., you look at Wayne, you look at Jay-Z — all them were consistent."

Maino's EP is called Unstoppable and features the song "Tiger Woods," which focuses on lust and sex.

"Everything is unstoppable. It's like, that became kinda like my slang," he said. "I hit Billboard three times, and they still sleeping. It's no New York artist to hit Billboard three times, and they still sleeping. My movement is unstoppable. No matter what I go through, no matter what's going on in my life, I keep pushing to put out quality music that's not only banging in New York, but all over. We ain't stopping. We ain't hot yet. We just getting started."

Maino's LP will come on the heels of the EP. Its title plays off the name of his debut, If Tomorrow Comes ... .

"It's called The Day After Tomorrow," Main revealed with a grin. "I never told it to nobody else. So it's an excusive. You got it right now. This summer, guaranteed."

Kwame, Scram Jones, Mister Roger and GQ Beats are among the producers signed on for the album.