New Gorillaz Song 'Stylo' Hits The Web

'Plastic Beach has sprung a leak!' Gorillaz member Murdoc Niccals tweets about band's upcoming album.

One day after they were announced as headliners of the 2010 Coachella festival, the [artist id="1163298"]Gorillaz[/artist] sprung a leak.

On Wednesday (January 20), "Stylo" — the reported first single from their upcoming Plastic Beach album — hit the Net, hours before it was due to premiere on Britain's NME Radio. The song, a moody bit of ominous synth-pop, features vocals from Damon Albarn (of course), Mos Def and (reportedly) funk/soul legend Bobby Womack.

A spokesperson for the band told MTV News that "Stylo" will be available for download on January 26 and added that Plastic Beach will be released March 9. On his Twitter account, resident Gorillaz madman Murdoc Niccals added that the leak was due to interference by Russian pirates.

"A leak! A leak! Plastic Beach has sprung a leak!" he wrote. "One of those Russian pirates has put a bullet hole on my island! My single's leaked! 'STYLO!' "

Beach is the proper follow-up to the Gorillaz's 2005 hit Demon Days album and the first since Albarn and co-creator Jamie Hewlett contemplated retiring the group for good.

"We're putting Gorillaz back on the shelf ... and working on other things for a while," Albarn told MTV News in 2006. "It's been brilliant, and this time it's been a runaway success, so why not just leave it like that? So we're retiring. We've been taking notes and we're going to do it hip-hop style, like Jay-Z."

And, much like Jigga, they're back already.