Styles P, Green Lantern Team Up For 'Groundbreaking' Album

'DJ and artist come together and really put out a quality product,' Lantern tells Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Styles P and Green Lantern

Holding It Down For: NYC

Album: The Green Ghost Project

Real Spit: Step your bar code up! That's how we moving in 2010 — so says the Evil Genius, DJ Green Lantern. He and Styles P locked in for the new album The Green Ghost Project.

"We never did a whole joint together," Green said about how the project came together. "We was like, 'When we do it, it's gonna be groundbreaking.' Nobody never did nothing like this before. It's groundbreaking. Normally, when people do these types of things, they pair up and do a mixtape. This is more than that. This is a collaboration. It's a mixtape feel, 'cause it's me and him, but it's really got an album feel. I produced half of the joints. Then I put on my executive-producer hat, called up the homies. They came through with some fire joints."

Scram Jones, the Alchemist, Buckwild, Statik Selektah, Dame Grease, Vinny Idol and Poobs all added beats.

"The result is an album cover, art, packaging, more than anything, bar-coded. Step your bar code up. It's a great look, man. DJ and artist come together and really put out a quality product."

"We said we wanted the feel of what they supposed to be doing on mixtapes today with the '90s touch to it," Styles added. " '90s touch means giving a damn about it. [This is] not for the rap fan; [it's] for the hip-hop fan."

Joints to Check For

» "Invasion." "I had made the beat a year or so back," Green explained. "I had Junior Reid on the joint. I went in the studio with Junior to cut some dub-plate type of things. ... I had an idea of doing a home-invasion type of thing. They at your door type of thing. So I took it to P. He had it, it leaked out, a rough version. We was like, 'Man, we gotta put somebody on that joint. So we called up Jadakiss, put a nice mix to it, put the bridge on it. Crazy."

» "Make Millions From Entertainment." "As a spitter, that [song is] saying how I go down in this game and what I'll do to you," Styles said. "And from that, still make money. We been here a minute, me and Green. You can't always hit the grand slam, but I'm gonna be on the block for a long time making money from entertainment. You'll be in, out, a one-hit wonder. You might be a nice two- or four-hit wonder, but when you're here for a minute, you'll make millions from entertainment."

» "Born in These Streets" (featuring Tre Williams). "That was a joint I really wanted," Styles said. "Tre Williams was already on the track. Poobs did the beat. It was a perfect fitting."

"That's a classic LOX sound," Lantern insisted. "You hear the sound of the beat, it's a classic LOX beat."

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