Omarion On New Album Ollusion: 'It's A Good Situation'

'I kinda have this thing for trying out new things,' he says of the sounds on his latest LP.

Omarion has finally found the perfect balance between family, friends and work — his mother even appears in the video for his new single, "Hoodie." His third solo LP, Ollusion, is now in stores, and after false starts with Timbaland's Mosely Music Group and Lil Wayne's Young Money, O is independent — the album came out on his own Starworld Entertainment imprint.

"The title derived from the word illusion," he explained to MTV News. "The thing about Omarion and my history, because I've been in the game so long, sometimes I feel I could be typecast. That's why I decided to change my appearance and things like that. You always hear rumors of me — I've got a girl pregnant. I've married a stripper and she's bisexual. There's so much misconception about Omarion. I felt Ollusion was the perfect title because people don't really know me that well even though I've been in the game. Ollusion is gonna set things straight."

O's first single was "I Get It In" with Gucci Mane, and that record was followed up by "Hoodie."

" 'Hoodie' is, like, one of my favorite songs on the album," he said. "It's a conceptual record. It's rare you'll hear conceptual records that identify with objects. 'Hoodie' is something I felt like Michael [Jackson] would do. Along with the video, at the beginning of the video I dedicated it to Michael. Jay Rock is in the video and so is my mother. Jay Rock is family — when I heard that verse, I was like, ' OK Jay Rock.' "

"Speedin'," is actually a slow track, and displays O's more conventional singing delivery. He croons about finding his way back to his loved one's heart.

"That record, I know it has the potential to be one of the biggest records I ever had," he offered. " 'Speedin'' was produced by 253. The thing about 'Speedin'' was that this is what people know me for moreso than 'I Get It In.' People have known me for being the person that has tried new things. ... I kinda have this thing for trying out new things. 'Speedin'' is more of, like, an Omarion-sounding record. It's a banger, my second single. It's a good situation."