Pussycat Dolls Hope To Work With Fergie On Next Album

Group founder Robin Antin says another Snoop Dogg collaboration is also possible.

The Pussycat Dolls may be looking for a few new faces to join Nicole Scherzinger and co., but they're also looking for a few big names to collaborate with on their next album.

Work is already under way on the group's follow-up to their 2008 album, Doll Domination, and the group's creator, Robin Antin, admits there's one Black Eyed Pea she'd love to get on board for a song or two. "As far as women, I'd love to do a collaboration with Fergie," Antin told MTV News. "I think having her on an album would be incredible and something I've always wanted to do."

Antin would also like to see Snoop Dogg, who worked with the group on past singles "Bottle Pop" and "Buttons," rejoin the ladies to see what kind of chemistry they can cook up this time around. "You never know, maybe Snoop will come back," she said. "He's always someone we love."

Although the record is still in its early phases, Antin said fans will be pleased with the direction the group's sound is taking. "A couple of the songs right now that we're working on are absolutely incredible," she said. "Fun and definitely like a cool, unique sound. It's definitely new and fresh, and I think everyone's going to love it for sure."

The album's feel isn't the only thing that will be "new and fresh." Antin also revealed that the group's lineup will have a few shakeups. "It's Nicole and ... a couple new faces. Some of the girls want to go and do their own thing. We're moving on. We're excited," she said. "We're looking at new girls. It's phase three of the Pussycat Dolls because we did our first album, our second album, and now we're going on to our third. We're touring. ... A lot is coming up."