Michael Cera Expects to Shoot 'Arrested Development' Movie In 2010

'Sometime next year we'll be shooting,' the 'Youth in Revolt' star reveals. 'I think that's realistic.'

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — If not for "Arrested Development," it's hard to imagine there ever would have been a "Juno," a "Superbad" or the unlikely A-list Hollywood star that is [movieperson id="297537"]Michael Cera[/movieperson]. It seems only appropriate, then, that the 21-year-old's New Year's resolution is to finally return to the beloved Bluth family.

"I think sometime next year, hopefully, we'll be shooting," Cera revealed to MTV News on Thursday afternoon (December 17), giving renewed hope to the die-hard fans who've been pining for "Arrested Development: The Movie" since the groundbreaking comedy was yanked off the air. "I hope [we'll shoot in 2010]. I think that's realistic."

On January 8, Cera will release the endearingly quirky teen flick "Youth in Revolt," but after that, the in-demand star's schedule is wide open. "I don't have anything lined up right now," he said of his plans after the holidays. "I'm just going to see what comes along."

For a good while, the rumor among "AD" fans was that Cera was the only star from the TV show who didn't want a reunion movie. In January at the Sundance Film Festival, Cera told us the script was "more hypothetical than people think." But now, he's confident enough movement has been made to finally bring Gob, Buster and, of course, Tobias Fünke back.

"I'm really excited to get to be around everyone again," Cera said, eyeballing a reunion with Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, David Cross and the rest of the gang. "It was so weird when the show was canceled. You're doing a TV show, and it feels like family, and then you're not doing it anymore.

"It was a really strange thing to leave," he added, remembering the unceremonious finale to the criminally low-rated 2003-06 comedy about a wealthy family learning to live after being stripped of their assets. "I'm excited to be around them all again."

But of all the actors on "Arrested Development" whose careers have skyrocketed since, Cera added, he's particularly excited to reunite with the 20-year-old actress who played his cousin, friend and possible lover.

"I'm excited to get to work with her again," he said of Alia Shawkat. "I'm pretty sure it will happen," Cera added.

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