Sarah Jessica Parker Says 'Twilight' Didn't Inspire Fragrance's Name

'Those books are for younger readers, right?' she asks, saying she hasn't read Stephenie Meyer's saga.

In February, Sarah Jessica Parker released her latest fragrance, Twilight, part of the actress' Lovely collection. The "Sex and the City" star insists that the she wasn't trying to cash in on all the hoopla surrounding the "Twilight Saga" with the coincidental name.

"Those books are for younger readers, right?" she asked MTV News while promoting "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" "I have not read any. I feel like I will save those the way I save 'Harry Potter.' So when James Wilkie is ready to read 'Twilight,' then I'll jump in with him, or when Loretta and Tabitha are ready to read them."

Recently, Parker spoke to MTV News about Miley Cyrus' cameo in the upcoming "Sex and the City" sequel, saying she was most surprised to see just how tall the teen queen is. "I had very little [time] with Miley, but I was astounded by her height," Parker said about the "Hannah Montana" star. "Did you know that she's tall? She's like a Viking. I had no idea!"

And while Cyrus filmed her brief cameo as herself for "SATC 2," Parker noticed that the teen's stature (which must be higher than her last reported 5-foot-4) was matched by her professional attitude.

"She's a beautiful young lady and very self-possessed," she said. "I literally was not in the scene with her. I was in the scene, but we were not [onscreen] together. But she was lovely and on time and prompt and professional, very sweet. She worked two hours and she was in and out."

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