Chris Brown Fans Wish He Hadn't Deleted His Twitter

'The media is basically backing him against the wall,' one fan says of why Brown quit the service.

Chris Brown's Twitter account has passed into the great blogosphere beyond, taking with it the R&B singer's ability to shoot out photos of himself doing court-ordered community service and send communiqués to his fans like, "I'm tired of this sh--."

Who knows? Brown could one day return to the world of instant social networking, and he still has his Mechanical Dummy Web site. But the fans lined up to see his sold-out show on Tuesday night at the Nokia Theatre in New York were certain of one thing: He should never have left.

"I don't think he should have done it," 23-year-old Brittany Mack told MTV News. "The media is basically backing him against the wall. Yes, for the incidents that happened, he did it, he owned up to it. But it's been invading his life. Twitter is supposed to be casual, make new friends, put your thoughts out in the air, just have fun. Everything that he texts, [the media] is turning around and making it bad, and he's not a bad guy."

The complaint that negative publicity is all the media's fault was echoed by many of the folks who spoke with us. "I think for the younger generation, we would understand the frustration, the things he's talking about, but TMZ and the media is going to take a spin on that," argued Kendra Payne, 18.

Others declined to lay blame on journalists or even on Brown, who himself has acknowledged that his impulsive tweets have gotten him into trouble. Instead, they expressed their sadness that they'd no longer have the pleasure of Brown's messages. "I was depressed," said 18-year-old Kendra Payne. "The only reason why I made a Twitter was because Chris Brown made a Twitter. He was the first person I followed, and then when he deleted his Twitter, I was going crazy."

All this talk about abandoning the Twitterverse got some concertgoers thinking about other celebs who should follow the example of Brown, Miley Cyrus and others. "Tila Tequila, I think she needs to delete her Twitter," 17-year-old Ryan Mathis said. "I can't stand her. She wants a lot of attention. Everything she says is mad crazy. She says the dumbest stuff. There's no reason to be acting like that. No one cares."