Jesse McCartney Hopes To Work With Ludacris Again On Next Album

'That's maybe a possibility,' he says of reuniting with the Atlanta MC on the follow-up to Departure.

Jesse McCartney teamed up with Ludacris for McCartney's remix of his song "How Do You Sleep?" off his album Departure. The duo also collaborated on a high-octane video for the track. With McCartney heading back into the studio to work on the follow-up LP, he's hoping to work with the Atlanta MC once again.

"Yeah, I have some ideas in mind [in terms of collaborations], but those things always come together last-minute. We're working on a few things," he told MTV News. "I know that I might work with Ludacris again. That's maybe a possibility, and he's great — he's one of my favorite rappers ... and he's amazing to work with."

Until he can lock down some time with the rapper, he's still in the planning stages when it comes to the album's sound. But he does know that the funky, edgier vibe of his last album will definitely be explored further. "I just started, so there's not much to tell," he said. "But you can expect something next year. It's gonna be kind of a continuation of Departure, but maybe a little more R&B slightly. You'll get the chance to hear what's going on in my head right now and a little ... more personal."

So what is McCartney dealing with in his life? Mainly fame and family. "Well, a lot of stuff that's going on in my personal life and my family life — just what it's like having all this success now at the age of 22, kind of dealing with it and what that's like.

"It's a little bit more raw," he explained. "But still rhythmic and upbeat. It's still soulful. I'm still kind of writing it all out. I don't want to give too much away."